Farm Stock Scotland Lamb Supply Chain Conference


Dear Supply Chain Stakeholder


The principle behind the conference lies in our belief that the current lamb supply chain is fragmented and inefficient, pushed by production rather than pulled by demand and fuelled by an adversarial buy low and sell high attitude at every stage coupled with poor communication both up and down the chain and little use of modern technology.


In an attempt to address these issues Farm Stock has gathered together an impressive list of industry experts , including the Chairman of Beef + Lamb New Zealand, and it is hoped that a sharing of views between each sector will produce some simple and common messages that the industry can implement for the benefit of all concerned.


The conference is free and by invitation only and we expect around 150 delegates comprising farmers, processors, retailers and organisations representing the consumer and other industry bodies to attend.


Kind regards


Ian M L Watson



Ian Watson




AuthorFarm Stock

PublishedSeptember 13, 2016