Farm Stock(Scotland)Ltd and Data Protection


May 2018

 Why have you received this communication from Farm Stock(S) Ltd.

You have received the enclosed or attached information from Farm Stock(S)Ltd because either:

  • You are a Member of Farm Stock or it’s associated Lamb Groups and as such you are entitled to receive the enclosed information to participate in the activities of Farm Stock.
  • You represent a Farm Stock stakeholder, partner, client or other interest and have a legitimate interest in our organisation and wish to receive our communications to enable you to participate in the activities of Farm Stock on behalf of your organisation, and you wish to be informed of Farm Stock news and developments.
  • You actively trade with Farm Stock and the details are required to contact and pay you

Does Farm Stock(S)Ltd use your contact information for other purposes?

We use your contact information only to contact you for legitimate purposes in the conduct of Farm Stock business activities.  These may include sending information such as Farm Stock news updates, Market Reports, Newsletters, Stock Requirements and general sharing of relevant information.  We may contact you by telephone, text, email or by writing to you.

Does Farm Stock (S)Ltd Share your contact information with others, and is it secure ?

We do not use your contact information in ways other than those listed above.  We do not sell your contact information. We hold your contact information electronically.  We update our software, including security software, as updates become available.  We back-up data to secure cloud servers which conform to externally certified cyber-security standards.

What to do if your Contact Information is incorrect

If the contact information we hold about you is incorrect, please advise us immediately at:   or call us on 01750 723366

What to do if you wish to know what information Farm Stock hold on you

We hold all  information necessary in contacting you and processing payments.  A copy of this information may be requested in writing from our Data Protection Officer, Marjory Tennant at the Farm Stock office.

What to do if you do not wish to be contacted again by Farm Stock(S)Ltd

If you do not wish to be contacted again, we will remove you from our database within one month of you notifying us either by emailing , by telephoning us on 01750 723366 or writing to us at the address at the top of the page.

Farm Stock(Scotland)Ltd and Data Protection   

AuthorFarm Stock

PublishedMay 25, 2018