Friday 10th August 2018

Friday 10th August 2018


The cattle trade has bottomed out and it feels like the trade up here in Scotland will start to rise now. Infact in the last week the trade has become very polarised in geographic terms, some firms have very long waiting lists and others are picking up cattle almost immediately. If you are needing finished cattle away quickly then we can facilitate it asap. Angus to 410p, Scotch to 363-365p in the last week.

Cows coming forward are back in number and the trade has stabilised. Schools are back in Scotland next week so hopefully that will help demand. We can handle all types of cows from your very fleshy continental crosses, harder Blue Grey hill cows as well as extreme milking types including Holsteins and Jerseys. If they are Non-UK registered please let us know when you are booking them in.


Standard lambs in the last week have mostly traded at 400p with the trade firming as the week has gone with some reaching 420p as the week has closed. We have ramped up buying support for next week if you have any ready, with the trade firming due to increased demand because of the further weakening of Sterling and the Qurbani sacrifice for Eid al Adha.

Lambs numbers remain really very tight for the time of year, with killing out percentages starting to drop off in lambs post weaning. Lambs coming off feeding are still killing out very well. We are moving quite a few standards at lighter weights 16-18kg, which is bringing the average weights back overall. We are seeing quite a few lean lambs now, please let us know what your lambs are like when booking them so we can get them into the correct processor to maximise your returns.

We have some limited demand for cull ewes for next week, mid weight 18-30kg and mid- flesh cover. Please phone the office for details.

  • Store lambs available
  • High health Suffolk cross breeding ewes and gimmers available now for early lambing systems.
  • Scottish half bred ewe flock dispersal available.
  • Aberfield X, Suffolk X, Lleyn, Scotch Mule and Cheviot Mule Ewe lambs available now.

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FSS Co-op Averages Av wt kg Gold Green Black Red Blue
Standard NSL 19.15kg 25% 52.2% 17.5% 1.2% 4.1%


Clean organic cattle once again remain in the region of 420p/kg base with waiting lists still in the region of 3 weeks. Organic lambs up to 430p/kg. More organic lambs needed. Super smart Beltex x organic lambs needed for an export order.