Friday 1st December 2017

Friday 1st December 2017


Christmas is over in the beef trade and cattle in the last week have peaked at 385-390p. November has been a good month for the finishers and the general chat is that everyone is right on top of cattle slaughterings so there isn’t a huge backlog in courts as we approach the turn of the year. Kills are likely to be cut for the next few weeks but medium term prices are unlikely to fall significantly as the cattle physically just aren’t there.

Cows are slowly coming out of the suckler herds as more of the spring calvers complete PD-ing. The trade remains firm but with the pound strengthening we could see a bit of price pressure in this export sensitive sector.

Store cattle continue to be keenly competed for.


Lambs have got dearer as the week has gone on and all but the most plain types are facing very keen competition. Standard weights from 375-380p base. Numbers have tightened very significantly in the last fortnight, far quicker than we probably anticipated. It is true that there are some producers sat with big mobs of lambs, waiting for a big hike in the price, but with numbers generally tight and demand strong we could sell more lambs going forward if we had them.

We have very strong demand for light weight lambs for Christmas export orders. If your lambs will make standard weights post Christmas and you have the means to keep them to 36-37kg weights please consider running them on. If not and they are in the 30-34kg region and fleshy, consider killing them in the next fortnight. Please accurately weigh them and give an accurate description of their weights when booking them in as requirements are very specific and critically important to keep buyers onside. Your help and attention to detail is much appreciated.

Standard and light weight lambs wanted for Domestic and Christmas Export Outlets.   


Organic cattle are much the same as last week, with demand reasonable. Base prices to 455p, we would anticipate that they will get dearer in the new year once the Spring calvers are all through. Organic lambs are in much the same vein, with base prices to 395p. Competition for conventionals in the run up to Christmas is driving the trade

For Sale and Wanted

Saler Heifers for sale (Brian Webster)
Dairy Calves Wanted (Brian Webster)
Texel and Suffolk store lambs wanted (Brian Webster)
In calf Angus Heifers, all pedigree registered (Vicky Warcup)
Store cattle wanted.