Friday 2nd November 2018

Friday 2nd November 2018


Prime cattle are extremely plentiful with no shortage as the Festive run in begins. Cattle have eased a notch back as a result with the majority of clean beasts in the mid 370’s. It will be interesting to see if further falls in price occur, especially once we get through November.

Processing bulls and young bulls are difficult to move, with plenty available.

Cow prices have eased back, with large numbers of empty suckler cows coming forward now. With the majority of plainer dairy cows now away, there is increased demand for leaner boning types.

Store cattle available. All weights and sizes. Suckled beef calves available.


Just when you thought it was safe to come out from behind the sofa… Lamb volumes appeared to be easing ever so slightly but as fast as we are moving them they are coming forward. The fantastic open Autumn has really brought lambs forward and we are finally catching up on the slow throughputs earlier in the year, with lamb numbers 10% up on the same week last year. Even more significant is the weight, with Farm Stock farmer average lamb weights up an incredible 1.23kg/head. For every 20 lambs sold, thats an extra one on the lorry in extra weight!! This perhaps goes someway to explain the slower lead in times. The good news story though is that despite all this lambs remain 8p/kg more expensive on average ahead of the same lambs this week in 2017.

Please keep on top of lambs and sell them before they get too big, as we have an abundance on heavy lambs coming forward. More lambs 18-29kg needed to meet demand.

Some abattoirs are on belly clipping others are not, please keep in touch with your fieldsman. Please make sure they arrive with clean tails, this helps keep meat hygiene levels high. Many thanks for everyone’s cooperation.

FSS Co-op Averages Av wt kg Gold Green Black Red Blue
Standard NSL 19.39kg 21.5% 45.5% 28.1% 3.2% 1.7%


Organic Scottish cattle once again to 440p/kg and lambs between 400-405p/kg base. Organic lambs are in short supply, with demand firm. We envisage organic lambs remaining firm right through till the new year.

More organic cattle and sheep needed. Organic store cattle and store lambs wanted and available.