Friday 8th September 2017

Friday 8th September 2017


Well fleshed Scottish cattle are still keenly competed for by all the Scottish processors with continentals to 390p and Angus to 410p/kg. Angus cattle are very plentiful at the moment with plenty coming forward from grass despite the inclement weather. Waiting lists are short with collection between a week and 10 days in most cases.

Cows are much the same once again, with Autumn rapidly approaching we expect numbers to really ramp up, particularly if producers are forced to house cattle early.

With harvest being delayed in a lot of cases, there is a lack of readily available cereals on finishers units so this seems to be leading to an easing in demand for stronger store cattle.

Herd of excellent suckler cows available.


Finished lamb volumes coming out of Scotland have finally reached top gear with the Scottish abattoir capacity really struggling to cope with the significant numbers coming forward. The overwhelming majority of lambs are now heading south for processing, with resultant loss of levy from the Scottish sheep sector.

Lambs kicked off between 405p and 415p at the start of the week with prices easing as the week has gone on, with lambs into 9 abattoirs once again. Everyone is asking is this a blip or the start of a significant easing in the price but it is still far too early to tell. Our only advice is that if your lambs are ready and in spec it is probably best to sell.

Lights remain very difficult to sell, with hardly any demand what so ever. Rapid improvements in the sheep sectors of the old Eastern Block countries including Romania and Hungary coupled with much shorter transport routes, have seen them gain access to the key Southern European light lamb markets of Italy and Greece. Please try and grow your lights into standards if you can.

Some lambs are starting to struggle to finish in this Autumnal weather. If your aftermaths are looking weak please consider starting supplementary feeding to maintain numbers coming forward. Store prices easing as numbers flood out and large numbers of smalls (which are normally slaughtered) come forward.

For Sale
Store lambs available, all weights, sizes and breeds.
Ewe Lambs- 220 Suffolk X Cheviot Mules, 70 Cheviot Mules, 100 Aberfield X Lleyns, 50 &200 Lleyns, several lots of Scotch Mules. 190 Texel x Lleyns.
Gimmers- 50 Cheviot Mules, 150 Scotch Mules, 100 Texel X,
Ewes- Suffolk X Gimmers Wanted  


Organic cattle to 500p/kg, trade much the same as in previous weeks. Organic lambs becoming harder to shift due to volumes with the majority going conventionally.
Big lots of organic store lambs available. Organic breeding ewes wanted. Organic ewe lambs available.