Friday 9th February 2018

Friday 9th February 2018


Finished Scottish cattle are coming under more negative pressure with conventional R4Ls to 372p/kg with more available for Angus cattle. It is looking like the trade may be a bit sluggish for the next few weeks. English R4Ls 348-350p with retail demand is said to be disappointing. The livestock sector and the red meat industry as a whole really needs to begin to counter the very well organised and funded Vegan lobby who are populating the consumer with unsubstantiated facts and fake news.

Cows are coming in fits and starts with best Angus cows to £1200 in the last week. Plain dairy cows to 290p once again. Cows wanted, all types.

Store cattle wanted for Scottish finishers in the Borders and Aberdeenshire.


The hogget trade rolls on and on and nobody really knows what is going to happen next. Confidence remains very high and slaughter numbers continue to fall, so numbers genuinely are not there despite us handling an extra 20% sheep by volume. Standard lambs kicked off at 425p/kg and have jumped up to 435p, with big heavies at 440p/base. We are receiving firm orders for lambs from the South of England such is the shortage. Quotations for the start of next week are up again. It will be interesting to see what happens post Valentines and the general feeling a week of stability would be very welcome.
Light weights remain challenging despite our best efforts with demand lacklustre.

This week last year, hogget’s averaged 358p/kg and were a full kilo heavier, a full 75p/kg difference on the year! A remarkable £14/head. So if your hogget’s are ready please consider selling them now and lock in a very healthy margin. After a disappointing couple of years, the store finishers are getting a real turn so far this year.
Spring lambs across the Tasman Sea in New Zealand are a record trade with O-grades to £70 and this, coupled with the exchange rate is really contributing to the high prices here.

With Maedi Visna in the headlines we have a couple of producers with MV Accredited and MV Screened Ewe Lambs provisionally available for Summer 2018. Please speak to the office for further information.

FSS Co-op Averages Av wt kg Gold Green Black Red Blue
Standard Hoggets 18.34 10.6% 54.8% 23.6% 7.9% 3.1%

More Hogget’s urgently needed for next week satisfy demand from 6 processors who are competing hard for numbers.


Waiting lists for slaughter of organic cattle are approximately 2 weeks with prices standing on at 450p. Organic hogget’s are very difficult to find and more are needed, Base prices to 460p in the last week.
Batches of suckler bred organic store cattle needed.

For sale and wanted

For Sale & Wanted

Weaned batches of 50 Holstein Bull & Continental X calves (Brian Webster)
Good Holstein Bulls 230kg for sale. (Brian Webster)
Native bred suckled calves wanted (Brian Webster)
Sim Luing bullocks for sale (Vicky Warcup)
Angus Bullocks (Jonny Williams)
Organic store cattle wanted (David Marshall)
In lamb Mule Ewes for sale (Guy Old)
Shapey Limousin breeding bull (Brian Webster)
Orders are being taken for 2018 Crop MV Accredited Aberfied X Ewe Lambs. (Jonny Williams)


David Marshall     Operations Manager                                                  07808 329 719

Victoria Warcup   Senior Livestock Procurement Officer                    07767 298 382

Jonny Williams     Senior Livestock Procurement Officer                  07817 702 988

Brian Webster      Livestock Procurement Officer North                   07585 880 794

Guy Old               Livestock Procurement Officer South West               07766 088 900

Colin Mair            Fieldsman for Ayrshire Country Lamb                      07976 605 130

Jim Kennedy        SW Scotland and Fieldsman for Galloway Lamb     07774 281 735

Bryan Robb          Fieldsman for Stirlingshire & Fife                             07818 000 877

Robert Paterson    Fieldsman for Perthshire                                          07761 931 008

Ian Douglas          Fieldsman for Lothian Lamb                                     07885 367 151