Market Reports

15th March 2019


With the demand for prime cattle seemingly at a low, the price seems to of finally bottomed with the base is sitting at 340p/kg – 342p/kg. Abattoir chills continue to remain full after six months of high numbers coming forward and the Irish cashing in cattle before Brexit takes place which is now having a knock on effect and holding up the killing line. The waiting list to get cattle away seems to be easing to get cattle away and we appreciate your patience while this settles down. Though it does feel like the situation is easing and there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Cow trade demand continues to rise and is sitting at a decent base price of 265p/kg, for well fleshed cows with fast uplift. We also have a great demand for leaner style cows, so there’s no need to worry if you don’t have time to fleshen cattle up. Cows needed urgently, next week pick up extremely likely.

There are large numbers of bulls and bulling heifers available so make sure you keep up to date with all the stock posted for sale and if you like what you see make sure you act fast by calling your fieldsman or our office on 01750 723366.



As hogget numbers start to dry up the competition is very keen and we are finally starting to see improvements with the demand starting to increase. The price is looking up for the next couple of weeks and on the right track for the Easter market with the base price jumping 5p within the last week to 410-415 p/kg and with prices set to rise make sure you get your hoggets away before it drops again. There is higher numbers of lean sheep around at the moment as people are trying to clear their feet for lambing, which is seen below in this weeks averages.

Plenty of in lamb ewes available for those wanting to increase flock numbers so keep an eye out, on the other hand if you have ewes / store hogget’s you are wanting to sell don’t be shy to give your fieldsman a call.

In spec lambs needed for the end of the week for home market outlets. All areas, breeds & weights.

FSS Co-op Averages Av wt kg Gold Green Black Red Blue
Standard OSL 18.86kg 14.3% 49.5% 26.6% 1.5% 8.1%


Organic hogget’s continue to be on extreme short supply. With such little numbers coming forward the demand is high and boosting the trade slightly to a base of 450- 460p/kg this week. Please let your fieldsman know if you’ve got any available as there is plenty space available to get them away with fast uplift. Organic cattle are also sitting in a good position with a base price of 430p/kg, with plenty available.

Organic store cattle available.


David Marshall         Operations Manager                                                     07808 329 719

Victoria Warcup       Senior Livestock Procurement Officer Eastern Borders    07767 298 382

Jonny Williams         Senior Livestock Procurement Officer Central                07817 702 988

Brian Webster           Livestock Procurement Officer North                             07585 880 794

Guy Old                     Livestock Procurement Officer South West                    07766 088 900

Lindsey Miller          Livestock Procurement Officer Northumberland             07795 343602

Eilidh Duncan           Livestock Procurement Officer Central / Lothian Lamb   07789 741807

Colin Mair                 Fieldsman for Ayrshire Country Lamb                           07976 605 130

Bryan Robb               Fieldsman for Clackmannanshire                                   07818 000 877

Robert Paterson        Fieldsman for Perthshire                                             07761 931 008

Ian Douglas               Fieldsman for Lothian Lamb                                         07885 367 151