Market Reports

16th March 2018


The clean beef trade has probably bottomed out now and numbers are slightly tighter as breeder-finishers turn their attention to calving and lambing. Angus are in decent enough demand, with up to 390p available.

Cows remain thin on the ground, and the price reflects that with R grades to 295-300p. Black and white bulls to 305p.

Forward store cattle remain keenly competed for but with spring looking a long long way away, longer keep cattle for the grass have eased in value.

We now have regular batches of good Black and White dairy bull calves available for rearing, either on or off milk. TB4’s etc. We also have processors looking for these as finished beasts either as veal 8-12months, or as young bulls 12-16months. For further information speak to the office or your fieldsman. For information on the calves please speak to Brian Webster.


Prices eased at the start of the week as numbers appeared to be increasing as farmers appeared to be clearing their decks ahead of lambing. But as the week has closed, well fleshed hoggets have recovered earlier losses and are back in the region of 490-510p. Lights to a max of 400p for well fleshed types, with super lights (Under 30kg) prices available on request.

More hogget’s wanted for the end of the week, all types, breeds and weights. We are matching sheep to abattoir specifications and maximising values. Are you getting the most out of your hogget’s?? Please phone for an impartial discussion about the wide variety of avenues available.

FSS Co-op Averages Av wt kg Gold Green Black Red Blue
Standard Hoggets 17.43kg 9.6% 55.4% 20.0% 4.7% 10.2%


Organic cattle are back slightly to 430p/kg. Organic hogget’s are varying between 500-525p for batches of good in-spec sheep, more desperately needed. Quick pick up guaranteed.

For Sale

Organic Store cattle for sale (Vicky Warcup)
Black and White Bull Calves (Brian Webster)
Yearling Bullocks, Sim, Angus, Shorthorn (Jonny Williams)