Market Reports

20th September 2019


Prime cattle remaining at a very similar state with a base of 335ppkg. Angus have been hit hard as the premium has disappeared this week.

Cows are the shining light at the moment and remain positive with a base of 260-266ppkg with week, with fast uplift off farm. All shapes and sizes welcome and more needed each week.

Large numbers of store cattle have become available, all shapes, sizes and ages


Large numbers of prime lambs continue to come forward at the moment however the price is holding up with a base of 345-370ppkg, with prices up to £80.85 in the last week.

Even though the numbers are coming forward in large quantities we are keeping on top of getting lambs away as quick as possible and the vast majority are shifting in 7 days.

There are still significant numbers of leaner lambs coming forward at the moment, which may be reflecting the price not shifting as the quality is lower than one might expect. However after a dry spell in weather, there could be a jump in lamb volume now the grass quality will have a chance to improve.

Our outlets continue to offer plenty of confidence in the trade for the autumn.

Now that all the breeding sales are over if you missed the chance to get new breeding stock then don’t worry! We have large amounts of ewe lambs available all breeds.

FSS Co-op Averages Av wt. kg Gold Green Black Red Blue
Standard NSL 19.33kg 30.5% 46.5% 17.5% 1.1% 4.4%


Organic lambs have taken a hit in terms of movement as there is now a waiting list, so please be patient till this blows over. That said the price is in a decent place with a base of 400ppkg this week with prices up to £87.15. Large numbers of Organic store lambs wanted, please get in touch if you have any available. Organic cattle at a base of up to 430ppkg this week. Organic Dorset ewes available, mixed ages all full mouthed. Contact Eilidh on 07789741807

For Sale

11 Highlander Bullocks, 390kg – 18 months                                                  – Eilidh Duncan

150-200 Blackface Store lambs- 30-34kg                                                       – Eilidh Duncan

Suffolk X Mule ewe lambs                                                                              – Eilidh Duncan

60 Aberfield x cheviot ewe lambs                                                                   -Jonny Williams

Cheviot ewe lambs                                                                                          -Jonny & Vic

80 Charolais X bullocks 18months                                                                  – Victoria Warcup

300 Texel and Suffolk Store lambs                                                                 – Victoria Warcup

1 & 2 crop Texel x easy care Ewes                                                                  – Victoria Warcup

Cheviot draft ewes                                                                                          – Victoria Warcup

Mule Ewe lambs                                                                                              – Jonny, Eilidh & Lindsey

Blackface Gimmers and ewe lambs                                                                – Lindsey Miller


Farmstock Office        Monday -Thursday (9am – 4pm), Friday (9am – 3pm)       01750 723366

Victoria Warcup         Joint Operations Director                                                              07767 298 382

Jonny Williams           Joint Operations Director                                                  07817 702 988

David Marshall           Senior Livestock Procurement Officer                                    07808 329 719

Eilidh Duncan             Livestock Procurement Officer North and Central               07789 741807

Lindsey Miller             Livestock Procurement Officer Northumberland            07795 343602

Guy Old                       Fieldsman for South West                                                            07766 088 900

Colin Mair                   Fieldsman for Ayrshire Country Lamb                                      07976 605 130

Robert Paterson         Fieldsman for Dunblane                                                              07761 931 008

Ian Douglas                 Fieldsman for Lothian Lamb                                                        07885 367 151