Market Reports

15th November 2019


Prime cattle remain more positive in the recent weeks with the base sitting this week at 340-345 p/kg. Christmas orders are also complete so demand may now ease.

Cows numbers are slowing down in comparison to this time last year. Demand remains firm and cows are getting shifted quickly off farm each week with a base of 240-255p/kg. Please get in touch if you need to book any in., we except cows to be in strong demand for the next month.

Store cattle available, a variety of breeds across a range of locations. Store cattle this week reaching £1110.


The lamb trade has flown out of the blocks, with it running and running all week. With the base sitting at 385-410 p/kg in the last week.

The weather continues to have a massive impact in the last week on the number of lambs finishing especially down South. Huge demand for lambs heading to December and producers remain very happy with the trade. Please take advantage of the buoyant trade if you have lambs ready.

Another major contribution that has boosted the sheep trade in recent weeks is that throughout 2019, imports of fresh and frozen sheep meat have declined rapidly. Trade in September was no different; with imports were down 35% year on year, according to HMRC data.

So why are import volumes down and prices up? In short, China!

Light lambs also following the same bullish trade sitting at 380-400p/kg, with lambs reaching up to £62 this week and likely to rise as the month goes on.

Stores this week selling well with blackface lambs selling at £55 and lleyn x averaging £60.

All prime lambs wanted in weeks to come light, standard and heavy weights. With lambs going to a range of 9 different abattoirs this week.

FSS Co-op Averages Av wt. kg Gold Green Black Red Blue
Standard NSL 19.08kg 19.3% 46.1% 29.2% 2.7% 2.8%


All abattoirs are now belly clipping, please be aware of this and speak to your fieldsman.


Organic stores wanted both lambs and cattle. Organic Cattle sitting at a base of 400p/kg, with waiting lists expected, please be patient whilst this continues. Organic lambs wanted as the numbers coming forward continues to dry up, with premiums of 25-30p above conventional and lambs averaging £91.1 this week. Please get in touch with your fieldsman if you have any avaible with space for this week please get in touch if you have any available. New Organic Lamb Producers required urgently


Farmstock Office        Monday -Thursday (9am – 4pm), Friday (9am – 3pm)       01750 723366

Victoria Warcup         Joint Operations Director                                                              07767 298 382

Jonny Williams           Joint Operations Director                                                  07817 702 988

David Marshall           Senior Livestock Procurement Officer                                    07808 329 719

Eilidh Duncan             Livestock Procurement Officer North and Central               07789 741807

Lindsey Miller             Livestock Procurement Officer Northumberland            07795 343602

Guy Old                       Fieldsman for South West                                                            07766 088 900

Colin Mair                   Fieldsman for Ayrshire Country Lamb                                      07976 605 130

Robert Paterson         Fieldsman for Dunblane                                                              07761 931 008

Ian Douglas                 Fieldsman for Lothian Lamb                                                        07885 367 151