Market Reports

Friday 20th July 18


Good clean cattle are back slightly with lack of retail demand getting the brunt of the blame. Bases prices have been in the region of 375-380p/kg in the last week. With grazing tight, feed prices rising and little prospect of a major change in the weather, finishers are offloading cattle as soon as they approach finish creating plenty of supply in the system. Further reductions in price are likely in the short term, but over the medium term we would expect the trade to remain positive.

Cows are back between 5-10p to 300p/kg approximately, with plenty of beef type cows being dumped onto the market as the drought bites. It is interesting to see some producers putting creeps out early with suckler cows in order to maintain calf growth rates and facilitate an early wean so that they can get cows off the farm asap.

Good batches of store cattle on farm available now.


On Lamb Island this week, deadweight sheep have held their own in the last week with the vast majority of lambs 400-410p/kg with a few extreme continental types to 420-450p. The hot weather is getting the blame for a lack of demand but with AHDB reporting that lamb slaughter numbers nationally are back 17% in June it is difficult to understand why the trade has fallen quite as far as it has. One would think that with Sterling trading at 89p against the Euro that the exporters would be filling their boots!

Lamb weights are holding up really well generally which is remarkable. If you are needing more sheep off farm to ease grazing pressure please consider selling some at lighter weights. Producers who have put hoppers in front of their lambs to maintain growth rates are certainly seeing the benefit in terms of kill out percentage.

Visiting Wales last week it was amazing to see how much drier the conditions are in the South. Lambs down there are really beginning to suffer so hopefully this will keep a lid on numbers as we head towards peak volume.

Breeding sheep available including a dispersal of Suffolk x ewes suitable for early lambing. With health status increasingly important when purchasing replacement ewes we have good availability of MV Accredited and MV Screened gimmers and ewe lambs. Please speak to the office if you need further information.

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FSS Co-op Averages Av wt kg Gold Green Black Red Blue
Standard NSL 19.85kg 32.3 % 40.0% 24.1% 2.3% 1.4%




Organic cattle remain in the region 420-430p/kg base with the Angus price keeping the trade up. In the last week organic lambs have traded at up to 470p/kg. More organic lambs needed. Beltex x Organic lambs needed for a specific export order. Organic store cattle available.