Market Reports

10th May 2019


Prime cattle sitting at a base price just now is 365/kg for in spec animals. The premium for Shorthorns is still sitting strong with base of 385p/kg however this is for a limited supply. Angus are sitting at 375-380 p/kg and are set for further rises in price in the weeks to come. Cull cows are 285p/kg-295p/kg in the last week with quick uplift. More needed urgently.

We have members looking for cows with calf at foot, so if you have any available please get in touch with your fieldsman.


Hoggs are now drying up and coming to an end however, still sitting at a reasonable 450p/kg. If you have any ready please get them booked in quick as abattoirs will soon switch over completely.

With new season lambs finishing 3 weeks earlier than expected the trade set off to a slow start in last few weeks with a base of 490p/kg this week. With the demand now rising the price is set to improve along with this, so please get in touch if you have any new season lambs available.

Large numbers of ewes with lambs at foot are coming forward. Please make sure you are keeping an eye out on our Facebook page and our website to see the stock we have available in case they are just what you are looking for, we don’t want you missing out!

The Lothian Lamb and Beef 2018/19 Most in Spec lambs winners have been announced. In third place was Tom Welsh of Mossfennan, Broughton (Pictured on the right), second place was Gordon Noble of Lochurd, West Linton (pictured on the left) and our winner was Harry Hamilton of Nunraw, Haddington. We thank all our members for providing us with great quality grades, keep up the great work for the next year !


Numbers of organic hoggets continue to be in short supply, with base prices sitting over the five pound mark at a strong 515p/kg. Organic cattle are still sitting at 410- 430 p/kg for Scottish 370p/kg for British at the moment. Organic Store Cattle needed urgently contact your local fieldsman if you have any available.


Victoria Warcup       Senior Livestock Procurement Officer                            07767 298 382

Jonny Williams         Senior Livestock Procurement Officer                            07817 702 988

David Marshall         Senior Livestock Procurement Officer                           07808 329 719


Eilidh Duncan           Livestock Procurement Officer North and Central          07789 741807

Lindsey Miller          Livestock Procurement Officer Northumberland             07795 343602


Guy Old                     Fieldsman for South West                                             07766 088 900

Colin Mair                 Fieldsman for Ayrshire Country Lamb                           07976 605 130

Bryan Robb               Fieldsman for Clackmannanshire                                   07818 000 877

Robert Paterson        Fieldsman for Dunblane                                              07761 931 008

Ian Douglas               Fieldsman for Lothian Lamb                                         07885 367 151