Market Reports

Friday 21st September 2018


Prime cattle have plateaued out, with prices fairly stagnant, base prices are in the 380-390p region. Angus cattle are in the region of 410p.

Cow prices have reached a peak this week and numbers are increasing rapidly and will continue to do so especially if this stormy weather continues. R grade cows to 295p, if you want to beat the rush book them in quick. Remember we offer prompt pickup and payment in 7 days.

There is a really interesting article on the AHDB website showing the above graph which details why there is likely to be significantly tighter prime cattle supply later in 2019 and into 2020. This should give a little bit of confidence to anyone thinking about finishing black and white bulls or buying suckled calves this Autumn!

Store cattle available. All weights and sizes. Suckled beef calves available.



Lamb prices have come back slightly on the week, with base prices beginning in the region of 385-390p on Monday morning. The trade has eased 5p on the week but we almost have almost an air of stability in the trade as the week has progressed. Whether or not this is the bottom remains to be seen but it will be interesting to see the census results for lamb numbers when they come. With the trade easing, producers are seemingly putting more weight on lambs to try and lift overall headage values and as a result numbers have almost eased slightly.

Lambs with weight and finish are certainly killing out far better than they were a month ago, though leaner lambs sub 40kg aren’t percenting overly well and certainly need to be marketed correctly to the correct destination. Please take care drawing Easycare types as to avoid them being too fat, particularly those over 20kg dw.

With plenty of lush wet grass available for lambs please ensure your lambs are shut off feed overnight before transport to ensure they arrive clean enough to be slaughtered. Mandatory clipping is still a while off but if you do need dirty lambs clipped please let us know and this can be arranged.

FSS Co-op Averages Av wt kg Gold Green Black Red Blue
Standard NSL 19.45kg 25.2% 55.2% 15.4% 1.6% 2.6%


There is a bit more trade about for organics this week with numbers slightly easier, Organics to 415p on the R. Organic lambs to 420p in the last week, with a 20p premium available. We have strong demand for organics from numerous processors, more organic lambs urgently needed. Organic store lambs also needed.

For Sale and Wanted

Native bred and continental x heifers available 420-475kg              JW

25 x Lim x Autumn Born Suckled calves 350kg av                JW

100 Angus x suckled calves           BW

75 Weaned Black & White Bulls 170kg approx.    BW

30 Simental x Cows         BW

100 Angus & Shorthorn Suckled Calves   BW

10 Freshly Calved Holstein Heifers            BW

Cheviot ewe lambs          VW

Blackface store lambs     ED, JW

Swale store lambs            LM

Sim Luing Heifers approx 450kg                  VW

60 Luing bullocks 500kg                 VW

Angus x Heifers with Lim x calves at foot for sale                JW

50 Organic Steers/Heifers Approx 340kg                VW

Flock dispersal of 300 suffx and mule ewes           VW

Cheviot mule and Aberfield ewe lambs                   JW

Cheviot and Chev Mule Gimmers              BW, GO, CM, ID