Market Reports (May 2016)

Friday 27th May 2016


Finished cattle prices are rising gently, with finished cattle in the region of 333-335p/kg with a further two pence rise on the cards for next week. With supply and demand now more evenly balanced, further rises are dependent on a major uptake in the weather and a surge in demand for burgers. Angus cattle continue to attract a generous premium, with R4L’s up to 358p/kg. One of the major Scottish processors are now only paying up to 380kg, please keep in touch with your fieldsman or the office if you need any advice on this.

Cows remain in firm demand with R4Ls up to 250p/kg, numbers remain few and far between with both beef and dairy numbers short. One English cow processor has gone to a 3 day week due to a lack of numbers. Please try and give an accurate description of your cows so we can maximise their value by placing them with a processor with the most ideal specification. Please be aware when fattening cows that they are subject to maximum cap weights of approx. 420kg so now might be the time to take advantage of buoyant prices if your cows are carrying a good level of finish.

Bulling heifers wanted and for sale, both good dairy and suckler bred types.

Store cattle are still trading at really good levels when the finished trade is taken into account, with prices exceeding producers expectations in many cases.


New season lambs have traded in the region of 420-430p/kg in the last week, back on last week but up still up considerably on the year. Base prices look extremely attractive and E3L’s have made up to £96.32. Numbers coming forward are rising sharply but we estimate lambs are slightly behind last year largely due to the weather and also because due to the higher scanning percentages, most people have fewer singles. Lambs going to slaughter at present are presently growing at between 490-520g/day which is very good.

The first lambs getting slaughtered off the West Coast are already getting condemned livers which is unusual for the time of the year. We will keep you posted if this continues. The Euro has weakened in the last week which is not helping exporters but hopefully once supermarkets start stocking new season lamb we will see a strengthening in the price. Please note Ramadam is on the 6th June so please keep getting lambs booked in asap.

Demand for hogget’s is now easing slightly as we approach the end of May. Numbers continue to come forward and base prices are in the region of 380-390p/kg. Please check teeth!!


The supply of organic cattle is tighter than the conventional trade and the price reflects this with prices standing on at 370p/kg base. Organic hogget’s are a stand on in price at 440p/kg. More are needed. Organic Spring lambs wanted.