Market Reports (June 2016)

Thursday 23rd June 2016


It is definitely a sellers trade at the moment with prices continuing to firm by another 5p/kg in the last 7 days. Prices are approaching levels seen last year, welcome news to finishers everywhere. The Angus premium remains very firm with keen competition from a variety of outlets north of the border.
Cows and young bulls remain in good demand with the very best young cows attracting offers up to 260p/kg. Please give an accurate description of your cattle and cows when booking them in so we can place them to gain you the most advantageous price.


This week, the lamb trade has been a real rollercoaster with demand from processors extremely variable. Some abattoirs have cancelled lambs whilst others have kept the phone red hot, anxious to secure volume. The vast majority of lambs were traded in the region of 380p/kg which looked a terrific trade last Friday, with prices approximately 10p ahead of the same week last year when lambs were 370-375p/kg. Please note that by the week ending 3rd July 2015 the lamb trade had eased to 330p, so please keep drawing lambs hard if they are at your target weight.

There is a significant recovery in prices looking likely for the start of next week due to a lack of lambs coming forward and we are doing our utmost to drive the price upward with competition for lambs coming from 7 different abattoirs.. We think the price recovery is mainly due to the timing of the Highland Show and also a lack of single lambs coming forward from the March lambing flock, mainly due to the high numbers of triplets scanned.  Whether the uplift is sustained remains to be seen, but the collective view is that the trade will find its level once the referendum and the Highland is out of the way.

Please email the office or tell your fieldsman  your lambing start dates so we can provide you with growth rates.


The shortage of organic cattle has generated further rises in the trade with R4Ls now attracting base prices in the region of 385p/kg. More needed. Organic spring lambs in the last week have achieved a strong premium with lambs achieving base prices of 430p/kg. More are needed.