Market Reports (July 2016)

Friday 29th July 2016


The cattle trade has plateaued and very unusually there is a small waiting list developing for uplift. This is very unusual for the time of the year but it is clear that the maximum cap weights are having a significant impact on the supply of finished cattle. Base prices for conventional continentals are in the region of 350-355p with an extra 20-30p available for certified Angus.

Cow numbers remain very slack, more are needed.


After an absolutely fantastic run, the booming lamb trade bubble finally burst. Thankfully the bang wasn’t big and in fact it has been more of a modest deflation with prices recovering somewhat for the start of next week. Base prices have varied in the last week between 380p/kg and 395p/kg with 405-415p/kg base been paid for very well covered, heavy sheep. We expect a similar if not slightly sharper trade for the start of next week with lamb numbers still really quite tight for the time of the year.

The only small cloud on the horizon is the light export lamb trade which is particularly challenging. There is very little export demand, similar to last year, with 370p/kg on offer for 12-14kg and 385p/kg for super lights. Prices are still well ahead of this week last year when base prices went as low as 310p.

Speaking to Iain MacDonald, economist at QMS, he is reporting a reduction in the Scottish kill in the region of 20% so far this year, probably due to lambs struggling to come to finish. Our only concern at this stage is that the larger than average lamb crop on farm is coupled with the fact that lambs being slow coming forward. This could mean that we experience a bigger peak than usual. This means that we really do need the export markets to fire up otherwise we could all end up in a right pickle come the Autumn.

*** First dirty lambs of the season reported. Please, please do not send lambs with dirty tails***


The organic cattle trade can not be described as not being consistent! Stand on once again 385-390p/kg. More needed. Organic lamb’s numbers are starting to rise and we anticipate the trade to reflect this going forward. Base prices are in the region of 430p.

For Sale and Wanted

300 NC Cheviots in flock ages wanted
Suffolk X Mule Gimmers 53 Lot
Suffolk X Gimmers 80 Lot
Scotch Mule Gimmers 150 Lot, will split.
Texel X Mule Gimmers 90 Lot
Texel X Mule & Texel X Gimmers Lot 500, Will split.
N E Mule Gimmers 300 Lot, Will split.
Blackface Ewe flock dispersal 1000 Lot, in flock ages
NC Cheviot gimmers 200 Lot
Store lambs, short keep, Suf and Tex X’s
Store lambs, medium-long keep, Mules, Lleyn’s, Shetland X’s, Welsh X’s, Herdwick X’s.