Market Reports (October 2016)

Friday 28th October 2016


In the last week finished cattle have eased back in price, with R4L’s in the high 365-368p/kg range. An extra 20p is available for Angus sired beasts. Numbers coming forward are reasonable for the time of year but there are conflicting reports about future numbers, with some predicting no shortage of numbers and others suggesting that there is not an abundance of cattle in the pipeline. All in all, it is likely that prices will remain at least stable as abattoirs begin their Christmas campaigns in earnest. Christmas parties will be on the cards in a months’ time and with rumps and roasts needing to be hung for a month, demand will remain firm.

Cows remain plentiful, with large numbers available of both well fleshed suckler types and also boning dairy types. R4Ls have been around 245p/kg with P+2s in the region of 180p/kg.


Lambs in the last week began as low as 360-365p/kg with a strong recovery as the week has gone on. Best Beltex lambs to 405p/kg for E grades with very good Texel’s for export up to 385p/kg base as the week closed. Lamb numbers have eased significantly in the last 7 days, with lambs coming off grass really starting to struggle and killing percentages have eased as low as 45%. Lambs on feeding are thriving really well in these mild conditions and in contrast are killing out really well. With numbers on the slide, there has been keen competition for lambs for next week and we are fairly confident that the trade has bottomed and we anticipate a modest recovery going forward with 370p/kg looking like the minimum for standard weight sheep.

The Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference Blackface scheme has begun and we have our first lambs away on this next week.

Well fenced winter rape or kale wanted for discerning Farm Stock producers. All areas considered.

Large numbers of standard weight lambs wanted for next week. Heavier lambs also wanted particularly lambs in the 21-23kg region. Please phone your fieldsman or the office for pricing and specifications.

Farm Stock is actively looking to recruit new personnel to procure prime lambs, cattle, cows and store stock. You could already be working full time in livestock procurement or alternatively looking for a part time position to generate some off farm income. All areas considered.
Please call David Marshall in total confidence on 01750 723366 or 07808 329719.


Organic cattle have eased slightly in price with R4L’s to 420p/kg. This is still a really good price and more organic cattle are wanted each week for 3 abattoirs. The supply of organic lamb has been plentiful but with grass growth rates really easing off we anticipate numbers to ease back significantly.  There is modest premium of 10p/kg available at present.