Market Reports (March 2017)

Friday 17th March 2017


Prime cattle values remain in a consistent vein, with no shortage of cattle available on farm at the moment, with uplifts remaining around a fortnight. In the last week, Scottish cattle have achieved base prices in the low to mid 350’s p/kg, with English cattle nigh on the same price. Angus cattle to 375p/kg, more needed, especially handy weights.
Good cows are in firm demand with prices up to 270p for the very best, with plainer R grades to 250p/kg. With lambing and calving either kicking off or on the horizon many beef cows are now away and numbers are on the slide, with dairy cows making up the vast majority of cow volume.
Store cattle wanted. All types of store cattle for sale, beasts to suit all budgets.


Base prices have moderately moved upwards during the last week, with demand increasing despite slightly stronger numbers coming forward. Base prices have improved by approximately 5-10p/kg which is encouraging given where prices have been since Christmas. There is some sharpness and competition creeping in which should help the trade providing numbers don’t flood in.
There is plenty of doom and gloom coming out of the sheep processing industry and from farmers in general about the upcoming season but if you look long and hard at the fundamentals, other than a potential larger carryover of out of spec hogget’s you begin to wonder what has changed thus far? After all, the Euro is sat at 86.8p, and we are still a member of the European Union (and are likely to remain so for at least the next 2 years).
An important date for anyone lambing now to think about is Ramadan, which begins on Friday 26 May 2017. This is not a guarantee of fantastic prices but worth noting all the same!

Wanted: 700 young ewes with lambs at foot.


Organic beef is once again a stand on in price and there are plenty of firms hunting for every beast they can lay there hands on. There is only very limited demand for organics at the moment, and the premium reflects this. Demand is very weak. The premium has failed to lift in line with the conventional price and is worth about 10p/kg.