Market Reports (May 2017)

Friday 26th May 2017


The price of clean cattle was a stand on in the last week, with supply and demand seemingly evenly balanced. It would be a reasonable observation to think that the trade is at or very close to the peak now.

Cow quality is picking right up at the moment with producers very satisfied with returns. Please be careful not to get cows over fat. Prices for good R grade cows remain in the region of 290p/kg.

20 Angus heifers wanted; need to be 400kg plus and of a high health status.
Heifers with calves at foot wanted.
Preliminary notice:-140 Classy suckler cows and calves for sale
All types of native bred store cattle wanted.


Contrary to industry reports that lambs are running at levels below projected volumes we can safely say that lambs are coming forward very quickly in this fantastic sunny weather. Early born lambs are absolutely flying at the moment with actual growth rates between 470-570g/day. This equates to between 3.25-4kg live weight gain per week. We would estimate that lambs are typically running a fortnight quicker than last year.

The new season lamb trade has ballooned as the week has gone, mainly on the back of Ramadan, with lambs kicking off at 470-480p/kg. All lambs are either close to or exceeding £100/head, with producers delighted with the results.

Please note with lambs growing so fast in this great weather be aware when treating lambs with long withdrawal pour-on’s and drenches that they don’t grow well out of specification. The Highland Show is a typical start date for many main crop sheep producers but if this weather keeps up, the early big singles could be ready way before then.

We could sell any number of lambs next week if you find any, please consider selling them at lighter weights and taking advantage of the price bubble.

Interestingly 37kg live weights killing at half weights are going to be at least £88. Light weight 30kg LW doing 14kg for the start of next week should hit £70. Be in no doubt that there is a big crop of lambs out there this year, this price won’t last for ever, especially as many Muslims will be fasting during daylight hours over the next month.

More spring lambs needed to meet demand. New consignors are very welcome. If you want a fieldsman to call and discuss the options available please get in touch with the office on 01750 723366


The very strong organic cattle continues once again with well fleshed cattle to 480p/kg once more. Organic spring lambs to 515p. Don’t hang onto them for longer than you have too.
Interesting statistics from the Scottish Government suggest that the Scottish organic land area has fallen by 4% to   122 000ha, with grassland and rough grazing’s accountable for much of the fall. Interestingly organic cattle numbers are up 16% to 29,000 but sheep are down 13% to 115,000head.
Organic store cattle wanted.