Market Reports (September 2017)

Friday 22nd September 2017


Cattle numbers are rising and the trade is easing slightly in line with national trends and all classes and colours are pretty much back 5p on the week. Cows are now coming forward quickly and the Autumn rush is definitely under way with ground conditions getting significantly softer underfoot.


We have now hit peak supply out of the South of Scotland with lambs coming out thick and fast but the critical factor is that we have virtually every standard weight lamb sold and away which is reassuring and shows the underlying confidence in the trade. With no backlog sitting, more standard lambs are needed for next week. Lambs in the last week have been sold between 370-385p for standard weights with the trade easing as the week has gone on. One of the contributory factors to the falling trade is a lack of credit in the processing supply chain following the frenetic trade over Eid at the end of August. Lambs this week last year were 380-390p/kg, so for the first time since April, the trade has eased behind last year levels.

Speaking to all the fieldsmen it is apparent that a lot of lambs without access to clean fresh aftermaths are struggling to finish. With the nights drawing in, please do the sums and consider putting out boxes and getting them away sooner rather than later.

Light weights to 360p/kg. We do a have a limited outlet for lights for export to Italy, but the specific weights required are precise and lambs must be weighed and graded accurately to keep the Italian consumers coming back for more.

Store lamb prices are certainly easier on the year with a shortage of keep, finance and poor weather leading to a bearish trade. With prices back on the year, finishing lambs looks an attractive option.

More standard lambs wanted for a wide range of outlets. Please phone the office or your local fieldsman for further information on the options available.


Organic cattle are slightly easier, with some firms actively trying to pull the trade on the back of strong numbers in the south of England. Standard weight organic lambs to 375p with a minimal premium available.