Market Reports (October 2017)

Friday 27th October 2017


Scottish cattle are up 3p, Black cattle are back, with the Angus premium under pressure.

Cows are back slightly on the week, but confidence remains firm and demand strong from 5 abattoirs. More needed for immediate uplift.

Store cattle remain easier on the year, but with Subsidy checks arriving and a return to Sunny weather, it will be interesting to see if the trade firms.


Prime lambs initially looked like they were going to start to firm this week as numbers appeared to shorten significantly. Numbers have come out later in the week as farmers in many cases had diverted attention to completing harvest and straw. Base prices remain between 365 and 370p Demand remains very firm to be fair and we could handle more in spec lambs, 15kg plus.

Lambs, particularly Cheviots and Easycare types on good feeding are laying down a lot of fat. Please keep on top of them to avoid penalties. More lambs needed every week from now until Christmas.

Please seriously consider feeding light lambs and getting them into standard weight categories to maximise returns. Census figures released this week indicate a 3% increase in the lamb crop, the biggest since 2008. So despite the large numbers killed earlier in the season, there are still plenty of lambs to come. Please will all producers please ensure lambs are correctly tagged before leaving for slaughter.



Organic fat cattle are back 5p to 470 in the last week with large numbers coming ready. Organic finished lambs to 380p, with plenty available.
Flock of Organic Ewes for sale as part of a genuine dispersal. Mules and Texel x Ewes in flock ages.

For Sale and Wanted

Flock of Organic Mule and Texel X Ewes and Gimmers. (Brian Webster)
Blackie Ewes in Flock Ages & Draft ewes (Guy Old)
85 Good Scotch Mule Ewe Lambs (Brian Webster)
120 SC Cheviot Stock Hoggs (Jonny Williams)
400 Lleyn & Easycare Store lambs (Vicky Warcup)
75 Organic Spring Born Limousin Bullocks & Heifers (Brian Webster)
11 Lim x Bulling Heifers (Brian Webster)
16 Lim x In Calf Heifers (Brian Webster)
50 Simmental X spring born Heifers 320kg (Brian Webster)
7 Lim x Dairy 2nd calvers, back in calf. (Brian Webster)
10 Lim x Bulling heifers, very shapey. (Brian Webster)
22 Good Hereford & Sim X Jersey in calf heifers (Guy Old)
28 Hereford & Sim x Jersey Bullocks 395-400kg (Guy Old)
10 Nervous Organic Angus heifers. 400kg (Vicky Warcup)
60 Charollais Spring born suckler calves. 300kg est av (Jonny Williams)
20 Belgian Blue X Cows with calves at foot (Brian Webster)