Market Reports (December 2017)

Friday 15th December 2018


Clean cattle have levelled out in and around the 380-385p/kg mark, with demand slightly firmer for Angus, which is extremely welcome after the crash in the premium earlier in the Autumn. Most clean cattle continue to be lifted within a week in most cases, so demand is strong.

Cows are still trading up to 290p max for boning types. Best cows to £1523!!! Still a small amount of space available for next week uplift if you want your decks cleared before Christmas. We expect demand to remain firm as we enter January when demand is usually strong on processing types. We will have strong demand for cows immediately after the holidays


Demand has been very firm for light weight lambs in the last week with well fleshed lambs suitable for the Italian market up to 360p on the flat rate. This has been the busiest Christmas run in on the lights for a number of years and we could have sold far more, had we had them. Thankyou to members who have worked hard to hit spec, your hard work is much appreciated. Hopefully we can build on this for next year. One benefit to shifting good numbers of lambs now, is that it clears numbers out of the way for the Spring which will hopefully have a positive impact on the trade when we approach the next major festivals… Valentines, Easter and Ramadan. Final light weight slots available for next week. Please phone your fieldsman over the weekend to secure space as we are nearly full.

Standard weights have been tougher to shift this week, though we anticipate good demand for next week now the Southern Europe export jobs are done and dusted. Prices remain plateaued at 385-390p with the seasonal conditions having just a limited impact on the trade. Lambs wanted for pick up between Christmas and New Year, as well as during the first week of 2018.

With grass reportedly running short in NZ, their lamb kill is reportedly running about a month ahead of normal. This may go someway to explain the Antipodean legs already on the supermarket shelves at £5/kg and the news that one large processor will be starting to cut NZ in January. Despite this, members with large numbers of hogget’s can rest easy over Christmas, knowing full well that FarmStock has firm commitment for Scottish hogget’s from a number of processors right the way through till May!!


Organic cattle are in the region of 450p/kg, with downward pressure on price prevailing at present. Organic lamb demand is stronger with increased processor demand, with lambs to 410p. More needed to fill requirements.