Market Reports (January 2018)

Friday 26th January 2018


The clean beef trade is approaching sluggish status with the trade similar to last week. The Angus premium is worth approximately 10p/kg at the moment. Cows have become very difficult to find, with the inclement weather probably having had an impact. A slightly improved price reflects the tighter numbers. Let us know if you want cows lifted away before calving commences. We have outlets for non-farm assured beasts, but please let us know in advance if they are not whole life assured.

Store cattle wanted and available.


Hogget numbers are in real short supply at the moment with AHDB estimated slaughterings by back 7% on the week. We are really feeling the demand in the office and lambs have moved again to 400-405p in the last week, with the price feeling very stable. We are seeing another jump in price for next week, hopefully it is not rising too fast.

Revised slaughter data from Defra and June Census data had initially suggested a large carry over of store lambs, but this has now been revised back, with the number of hogget’s still on farm now smaller than previously thought, which would be more in line with numbers reported to us by our fieldsman team. Final updates are expected by AHDB in the next fortnight. A shortfall in store lamb numbers should have a positive impact on the hogget price in the coming weeks as the real long keep lambs won’t be ready until March onwards in a lot of cases.

Valentine’s day on the 14th February is fast approaching and we have firm orders for hogget’s so please get in touch if you have any available. Please consider locking in margin if your sheep are ready and don’t let them get overfat as we are seeing increased numbers of 4Ls on grade sheets.

Weekly Averages Av wt Gold Green Black Red Blue
Standard Hoggets 18.2kg 20% 57% 18% 3% 2%

More Hogget’s urgently needed to satisfy demand from 7 processors who are competing hard for numbers.

numbers with base prices at the start of the week kicking off between 395-405p. Hopefully we can return to milder conditions sooner rather than later. If the weather remains on the wintery side then we could see sharp regional variations in demand. Lighter lambs are a more challenging trade, with demand poor. The huge demand we experienced pre-Christmas now seems but a distant memory.

Standard weight hogget’s, 36kg plus needed urgently to meet demand. New suppliers welcome.


Bid prices on clean cattle remain the vicinity of 450p with waiting lists remaining short. Organic hogget’s are approaching hens teeth status and are really very difficult to find at the moment. Prices have reached 440p as the week has closed. More organics urgently needed.