Market Reports (March 2018)

Friday 23rd March 2018


Clean cattle are varying between 365-370p approximately in the last week. Angus to 390p. Numbers are expected to tighten in the coming month and there seems to be a bit more demand on the phone from some of the processors. Cull cows are keenly competed for and they are really difficult to find in any volume. Please get in touch if you have any. Cow base is in the region of 295-300p for R grades. Black and white bulls to 305p more needed.

Store cattle are back, particularly cattle destined for summer grazing. The first sunshine seen in a while in the Borders has brought forward some optimistic fertiliser applications, but Spring is still some way off.


Somebody remarked this week that “You can buy gold too dear!” That may well be the case, but as hogget values approach unseen levels we are in uncharted territory. With many buyers contracted to supply lambs 52 weeks of the year, the trade continues unabated. All in spec standard weight lambs almost without exception have been a minimum of 500p with super smart Beltex to 550p. Base prices in between have varied depending on quality and spec.

More hogget’s needed for both before and after the Easter Break. Remember that many of the processors will be closed for Good Friday and Easter Monday.

Spring lambs for Easter have started at record prices with base prices beginning at 650p in the South!!!! We have a long long way to go until we see significant volumes north of the border, but we do have strong support assured from a number of processors for May and June lambs. Given the shortage of hogget’s and the atrocious weather, lamb numbers will almost certainly be back. As a result, (there are no guarantees) it may well be worth doing some sums and consider creeping lambs capable of reaching slaughter weights at or before the Highland Show.

FSS Co-op Averages Av wt kg Gold Green Black Red Blue
Standard Hoggets 18.37kg 9.5% 63.8% 12.2% 2% 12.6%



Organic cattle are a similar trade with up to 450p available. Organic hogget’s are varying between 525-535p for batches of good in-spec sheep, more desperately needed. Quick pick up assured.

For Sale

Strong Angus stores 450-500kg wanted. (All fieldsmen)
Organic Store cattle for sale (Vicky Warcup)
Black and white bulls for sale (Brian Webster)
Charollais Bullocks and Heifers 380kg + (Vicky Warcup)
Good Angus and Black Baldie bulling heifers available (Jonny Williams)