Market Reports (June 2018)

29th June 2018


Good clean cattle have achieved prices up to 385p/kg base in the last week, with Angus in the region of 430-435p/kg. This is more less certainly the very top of the trade now, with summer holidays, CO2 shortages and the hot weather putting demand for roasting joints under serious pressure. BBQ cuts and mince for burgers are in huge demand, hence the very buoyant cow trade which is running and running. Further increases in the milk price are certainly keeping a lid on volume. The only cloud on the horizon is the dry weather which is curtailing grass and may force producers to offload numbers. Cull cows to 318p, more needed, pick up every week.

With silage and cereal harvest yields looking likely to be disappointing, store cattle look a seriously good trade right now!

Angus, Sim and Lim Breeding Bulls available.


Lambs in the last week kicked off at 500p, with lambs varying midweek between 470-490p. A very similar price to the trade this week last year. With the lamb trade easing significantly as the week has gone on, the temptation is to put weight on the lambs, taking them up to 21kg plus, but with grass disappearing at a rate of knots in these dry conditions, the sensible option may well be to keep your head down and keep selling lambs providing they have decent flesh cover. That said, please ensure lambs have adequate flesh cover to ensure decent kill out percentages.
One thing for certain is that with silage yields down, aftermaths and green crop growth likely to be poor unless we get rain soon, there is unlikely to be anyone queueing up to buy store lambs.

With health status increasingly important when purchasing replacement ewes we have good availability of MV Accredited and MV Screened gimmers and ewe lambs. Please speak to the office if you need further information.

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FSS Co-op Averages Av wt kg Gold Green Black Red Blue
Standard NSL 19.46kg 40.7 % 42.4% 15.4% 0.9% 1.0%


Organic cattle remain at 430p/kg base with the Angus price keeping the trade up. In the last week organic lambs have traded at approximately 35p above the conventional price. More organic lambs needed, we have huge demand from both domestic and export buyers.. Organic Angus Suckler herd available. Please phone David for more information.