Market Reports (November 2018)

Friday 30th November 2018


Cattle are a stand on once again with plenty available and waiting lists are roughly a fortnight in the majority of cases. Bases prices typically 368-375p in the last week. Some processing types are finally moving, hopefully the momentum will pick up on these now Christmas slaughterings are almost complete.

Plain dairy cows and OTM’s urgently needed, pick up within 7 days in most cases. Cull suckler cows facing slightly more challenging demand, but we are moving most of them in 7-10 days. If you have feeding and space it may be worth carrying them into the new year as the trade normally picks up once they need supplies for school meals in January. Record weight for a steer in 2018, 558Kg!

Angus store cattle wanted. Store cattle 450kg plus wanted for finishers north and south of the border.


The week began with the trade slightly sharper on the last week, but still falling somewhat short of everyone’s expectations with lambs trading in the region of 380-385p/kg, with a few at 390p. Export demand was lacklustre and everyone was reporting difficult trading conditions for Christmas. As the week has closed, the trade has turned completely on its head, slaughterings are back 6% nationally and the phone is red hot and everyman and his dog wants a piece of the action. What a turnaround, and it has cheered everyone up no end!! Everyone is chasing threequarter fleshed lambs, 18-21kg, with heavy lambs a bit more sticky. Our best advice would be to cash in lambs if they are leaving you margin and are ready to kill. The trade may not get any firmer, but at least at 390p+, producers should clear out at a margin.

Cancellations continue to be an issue in some cases with the exodus of East European staff ramping up even further. Whether you’re a Remainer or a Brexiteer, the loss of skilled, highly paid, foreign staff from the supply chain is extremely concerning, especially when you cant get a Brit to do the work.


Some abattoirs are on belly clipping others are not, please keep in touch with your fieldsman. Please make sure they arrive with clean tails, this helps keep meat hygiene levels high. Many thanks for everyone’s cooperation.

FSS Co-op Averages Av wt kg Gold Green Black Red Blue
Standard NSL 19.53kg 17.1% 47.2% 30.7% 3.7% 1.4%


Organic cattle to 410p in the last 7 days, with up to a three week waiting list. Organic lamb numbers haven’t tightened to the same extent as conventional’s but volumes are certainly easing. Organics 400-405 in the last 7 days.