Market Reports

Weekly Market Report 14/03/2014


With the supply of cattle far outstripping demand the finished beef trade continues to remain in the shade at around 380p/kg on the R grade. One major finisher who we supply with store cattle reported that he is losing £40/head on his finished cattle this week, clearly this is not sustainable. Finishers have to adjust to the now dominant spring calving herd in Scotland and the consequential peaks and troughs in supply. For all the negativity in the finished trade there is no shortage of confidence in the store cattle trade and we have been very busy selling to a wide variety of buyers. With the end of the tax year approaching, buyers are taking the attitude that they would rather blow some cash on expensive cattle rather than pay the tax man!   So, if you have any young cattle on farm we would seriously recommend that you do your sums and consider selling them, taking advantage of the buoyant prices on offer. Bulling heifers are also being readily sold as people look to secure replacements ahead of the spring rush. If you require creating space in sheds ahead of lambing or calving and deterioration in the beautiful weather, we have ready demand for all types of cull cows, not just the pretty ones, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with the office or your fieldsman.


Barbeque season has arrived early and lambs are in very short supply, even more so than normal as many more lambs than usual were sold forward at lighter weights in the Autumn.  With new year kills in New Zealand 18% down on the same period in 2013 and NZ & Australian lamb being increasingly diverted from European consumers to the Chinese market (China has trebling sheep meat imports from 82,700 tonnes in 2011 to 254,400t last year) the price is being driven up on almost a weekly basis and we are now trading at around 440p/kg which is pleasing. We have had some tentative enquiries about Ewes & Lambs and Hoggs & Lambs at foot, if you are likely to have some to sell or want to boost your numbers, please get in touch with the office.


Organic beef cattle are like conventional cattle, suffering from an oversupply situation trading at around 415p/kg. Whilst we can with some degree of confidence look forward to a firming in the price in the longer term, any rises are unlikely to occur until the glut of finished cattle dissipates. Organic lambs are like hens teeth right now and with plenty of processors looking for them there is a healthy premium of around 30p/kg on top of the conventional. With prices varying considerably please take advantage of our fieldsman service and ensure that you get the best deal available.

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