Market Reports

Market Report 21-06-2013


With prime cattle supplies now getting very short for processors requirements, the major processors have to work hard to secure supplies.  This puts Farm Stock in a first class position to secure the best deal for producers.  It seems the trade is in the region of 410p kg for R4L Strs & Hfrs.  Aberdeen Angus cattle are particularly sought after at this time in the year and are commanding a good premium of around 32p kg.  Cows have steadied marginally in price due to the export market cooling off slightly, although they are still trading in the region of 320p kg.  There has been resurgence in the store trade with finishers keen to replenish stocks at similar prices.  However traditional breeds are at long last securing a premium from one major finisher and processor.  If you would like more details on this scheme please call the office on 01750 723366.


The price of lamb is still variable, with prices ranging from 465p to 500p kg.  It would appear that Scottish processors are still having to pay a substantial premium as numbers are slower coming on stream, but this is par for the course at this time of year and will average out as the season goes on. Lightweight lambs 8- 14 kg are keenly sought after for the Ethnic trade and also for export, and we feel this is a good opportunity, especially for anyone with mule or pet lambs, or perhaps short of grass. Cull ewes are in demand, especially grazing types and if you have any to sell we will be pleased to talk to you about the trade


Great news, yet again record breaking prices for Organic beef.  They are now in the region of 525p kg, however as supplies tighten even further we are hopeful demand will continue to hold for some time to come.  Organic lamb supplies are still slow and the price reflects this to around 520p kg, but all of the processors keen to snap up any supplies that are available. With the Royal Highland show this week it will be good to catch up with you all, and lets hope the weather is a lot better than it was last year.