Market Reports

Weekly Market Report 07/03/2014


Unfortunately there has been no improvement in the beef price this week, and all the signs are, there are little prospects of a significant rise for a few weeks . Yet again, a common disease at this time of year (Spring Fever) seems to have struck a large number of cattle finishers, as it is not unusual to hear of store cattle making more than finished animals, and that is a scary scenario with regards to long term viability for the beef industry. We are moving a substantial number of store cattle just now, moving to such diverse places as Yorkshire in the South and Aberdeenshire in the North.  Cows too, are in great demand from processors and we can move as many as we are offered, regardless of quality to a wide range of outlets.


Lamb prices in general are on the rise, with the better sorts making around 440p kg. Numbers are now very scarce and further rises are surely on the cards.  The concerning thing about the trade just now is that one of our major processors has had his kill cut from 10,000 lambs per week to 2,000. They are struggling to compete with New Zealand products on a cost basis which is worrying. On a more positive note it would appear that the export trade to Norway is having a significant influence on prices at this time.


Yet again there has been more disturbing news on the Organic cattle front , one of our loyal producers sold cattle this week, they returned £1655, which seems good till you remember it was only in  September they would have returned  £2193 at the same weight!. However let’s not be too despondent and remember Organic cattle last year at this time, would be around the same trade as they are today. Good news on the Organic lamb front as prices are rising rapidly with keen competition from all the main processors.

For Sale and Wanted

Angus Heifers 400kg plus, High Health Status, 12 months, Suckler bred

Angus Steers 440 kg, Premium Health Scheme, Spring born, Suckler bred

Luing Bulling Heifers, 2 years old, would make fantastic breeding stock

Charollais heifers and steers, spring born, 450kg plus


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All types of store cattle wanted and for sale