Market Reports

Market Report 12-07-2013


Yet again prices for prime beef remain unchanged at 412p kg for R4L Strs & Hfrs; however a lot of factories now have to do deals to secure supplies. It is quite apparent that the numbers of prime cattle are at a seasonal low, and with the main retailers having to use red meat as a loss leader to entice buyers into their stores, processors are struggling to make a reasonable margin. Cows continue to be wanted and are making very good money for the right article; however there is a huge variation in quality this week and we have seen cows range in price from £1300 to £382. Store cattle are currently selling well, and we still have orders for more, so if you wish to sell please give us a call.


Prime lamb values seem to have eased slightly on the week with prices ranging from 465p-500p, depending if the transport is being paid by the processor. On a visit to a well known factory this week, it is very apparent that the volume of very lean lambs coming through the system is now starting to give rise for some concern from the trade. This is undoubtedly a follow on effect from the poor spring, taking its toll on the lambs. This is something we all have to be conscious of when selecting lambs for sale, it is imperative that we do not lose the support of the buyers as they will undoubtedly introduce heavier penalties,  if more lambs do not hit the required specification..


Organic cattle continue to be the most stable commodity in the red meat industry as prices have not moved for four weeks, which  shows supply and demand are just about right. I wish the same could be said about lamb. We are doing our best to encourage the main processors  to share the market around to give as many people as possible, a fair chance to sell into the organic system.


Members are reminded of the forthcoming AGM and are very welcome to attend.

Farm Stock (Scotland)Ltd AGM

On 23rd July 2013, at  6.30 pm

At Cartland Bridge Hotel,  Lanark.

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