Market Reports

Market Report 02-08-2013


What a difference a week makes in the meat trade, the talk now is for a sharp fall in the trade, something we have not experienced for many a month.  The main cause according to a leading processor is lack of sales. After a wonderful month of glorious weather it would appear that the general public is barbecued out.  This combined with school holidays and more people going abroad for there annual break, the simple fact of the matter there is not enough products shifting off the shelves. Cattle prices have dropped by around 5p kg and we predict that further falls are inevitable. The big concern is for the poorer quality cattle and cows as the manufacturing sector is very quiet.


The good news for producers is the trade has stabilised around 400p kg. With increased supplies on offer the hope is that the trade will hold at least this level for some time to come.  Also having an effect is the end of Ramadan at the weekend so the trade for small lambs and ewes will hopefully rise. The fall in the lamb price over the last few weeks has given the exporters a chance to at last make some money. It is essential that we have as many buyers as possible competing for your product.


Scotland leading Organic Processor is confident that the beef will hold its value for a couple of weeks yet. So the message is clear if you have any for sale get them booked in now.  Lamb supplies are keeping up with demand but there is little premium as usual. Organic store cattle sales have been good of late, with larger than normal volumes going through the business.


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