Market Reports

2nd October 2015


Clean cattle continue to maintain their strong values around 375p/kg, with numbers remaining on the tight side. With few herds now Autumn calving this tightening of supply in the back end of the year is likely to becoming even more pronounced. AHDB reports that Polish beef imports are here to stay with imports into the UK up by 80%, with Polish dairy producers benefiting from coupled support of €70/head which is encouraging them to finish their dairy bred bulls. Whilst this is unlikely to compete with premium Scotch beef, it undoubtedly will keep a lid on the margins of young bull finishers and anyone who produces cull cows.
As predicted, with cull cows coming forward in slightly larger numbers, cows have eased back slightly by around 5p on the “R”. We are managing to get cows picked up within a week in most cases so please get in touch if you have any ready. If you are taking bulls out of your suckler cows at the moment and have any you need to cull please contact us as we have two outlets who offer keen competition for well fleshed bulls of any age.
Store cattle wanted, forward finishing cattle and weanlings.


Lambs have eased slightly as the week has gone on with prices back to 320-325p/kg. Incidentally, lambs this week last year were trading at similar levels. The 11 year FSS average for this week is 292p/kg. Please see the graph below. We would like to thank our producers for their patience at present with lambs at peak supply, with abattoirs throughout the UK running at maximum capacity, uplift is at least a week so could we please advise producers to get their lambs booked in plenty of time.

lamb price 2oct15

Light lambs are in the region of 330-335p/kg at present, with Southern Europe continuing to be in a state of some economic stagnation and the Euro exchange rate not exactly helping exporters either. Hill lambs which are well fleshed are still leaving in excess of £50 so look better hung up than some of the store sale values.
We have large numbers of good cheviot and blackface store lambs for sale Please check out the Farm Stock webpage if you are on the lookout for store sheep as the site changes daily.


Organic cattle have eased back slightly to 385-390p/kg as organic producers become keen to offload numbers as the grass supply situation shortens with the coming of the first Autumn frosts. As is normal for the time of the year, organic lambs are plentiful and the organic premium reflects this. A small premium of up to 5p can be achieved over and above the conventional price for the best lambs. Organic store lambs wanted.

For Sale & Wanted

Homebred Scotch Mule Ewe Lambs For Sale and Wanted

Homebred Scotch Mules, Suffolk X & Tex X Gimmers for Sale.

Suffolk X ewe lambs wanted.

Very good heifers and calves for sale.

Blue Grey heifers for sale

Continentals, weanlings and forward stores needed urgently

Angus X and Shorthorn heifers and bullocks wanted.

Organic store lambs wanted