Market Reports

Farm Stock Weekly Market Report 29/8/2014


With numbers tightening and consumer demand increasing as temperatures ease, the beef sector is thankfully at long last beginning to turn in the farmers favour. Well fleshed beasts are now trading at between 360-370p/kg, clean cattle prices continue to recover week on week as the previously huge waiting lists have now virtually evaporated. You would imagine that this positivity should encourage firm store cattle sales as we enter the Autumn. If you are thinking about selling any type of cattle now in the Autumn please get in touch with us or your local fieldsman and take advantage of FarmStocks low cost, low hassle marketing. With cull cow numbers likely to surge in October once spring calves are weaned please consider selling them early and beating the rush!


Prices have largely held in the last week, with all the major outlets offering 350-360p/kg which is somewhat of a relief given the drops we have seen in the last month. We appreciate lamb suppliers want to maximise weights but we would urge members to ensure lambs do not get too big and out of spec. Lamb numbers are coming forward extremely quickly and the economic sanctions between the EU and Russia are beginning to squeeze the lamb trade in a similar way to the milk price. Good lambs skins are worth around £2.60 at the moment, back £2 per skin or 10p/kg overall. Exports to Norway have finished for the time being but hopefully with the Muslim festival Eid-al-Adha falling 10 days earlier on the 4th of October we will see a boost in demand in the coming weeks. Please ensure your lambs are correctly tagged, are clean and are shut off grass at least 6-8 hours before loading. Cull ewes continue to be a buoyant trade with numbers at their lowest levels since FMD in 2001. We have a number of buyers looking for store lambs, if you have any to sell please phone the office on 01750 723366 or your fieldsman so we can maximise your returns.


Organic cattle remain in firm demand with prices remaining ahead of conventionals. We have no problem moving them and if you have any cattle coming close to finish of grass please get in touch. Lambs remain in strong demand and we have two outlets offering strong completion for any well fleshed organic lambs. With an organic premium of 15-20p/kg available it is well worth producers taking advantage of their organic status unlike in some previous years when the premium offered negligible financial benefit. Organic store cattle and organic store sheep wanted.

For Sale and Wanted

40 Angus bullocks and heifers, 475kg for sale.
20 Luing bullocks 400kg+ for sale.
18 Strong Angus heifers for sale.
20 Excellent Sim Luing Heifers for sale.
10 Strong Luing Heifers for sale
200 Texel X Gimmers for Sale Greyface, cheviot mule and Continental X Ewe lambs for sale
All types of short and long keep lambs for sale and wanted