Market Reports

31st May 2019


The cattle trade continues to sit in a sticky position with a base of 360p/kg in the last week and could remain to sit in a similar place but we expect it to rise again in time for the peak summer market.

Cull cows continue to be in high demand with more urgently needed with a base of 280-300p/kg. Please remember that we work with all types of cattle Dairy and Beef cows, all shapes and sizes with fast up lift off the farm.

A selection of breeding bulls have came forward this week with a number of breeds available. All are up a high health and come recommended. Please make sure you are keeping up to date with our website and Facebook page to see what is for sale. Please get in touch if you are in need of a Bull.


After a strong start to the lamb trade in May the price of New Season lambs has come back slightly this week with there being larger numbers than expected coming forward with a base of 480-500p/kg. The price should strengthen as the demand should rise with outlets stocking up on lamb for the end of the celebration of Ramadan. Scotch lambs are sitting 30-50p more than lambs from south of the border at present.

As the new season has only just started our outlets want to make sure we start off the right way by letting our producers know that lambs should be kept in the night before collection or kill. As any dirty or full lambs risk the chance of contamination and inn worst case scenario could lead to being condemned.

When looking at the new season ahead it is the perfect time to think about improving systems and what a better way to so than attend the Maximising Live lambs event on 4th June at the SRUC Easter Bush Campus, Midlothian. A great opportunity to get an insight of how other farms tackled the challenges of last year with a 6% of lamb loss and many methods of improving flock performance. If you are interested then please contact Eilidh on 07789741807 for more information.

In spec lambs needed for the end of the week for home market outlets. All areas, breeds & weights.

FSS Co-op Averages Av wt kg Gold Green Black Red Blue
Standard NSL 20.12kg 41.9% 33.8% 20.9% 2.6% 0.9%


Organic lambs are starting with a good base of 530p/kg with high demand so make sure you get in touch if you have got any ready. Prime Organic cattle sitting at a good price of 440pkg. Prime and Store Organics are urgently needed so please get in touch with your fields person if you have any available.

Organic Bulling Heifers AA and Shorthorn X for Sale Contact Eilidh Duncan if you are interested.


Victoria Warcup        Senior Livestock Procurement Officer                                     07767 298 382

Jonny Williams        Senior Livestock Procurement Officer                         07817 702 988

David Marshall         Senior Livestock Procurement Officer                                    07808 329 719


Eilidh Duncan           Livestock Procurement Officer North and Central      07789 741807

Lindsey Miller          Livestock Procurement Officer Northumberland                      07795 343602


Guy Old                     Fieldsman for South West                                            07766 088 900

Colin Mair                Fieldsman for Ayrshire Country Lamb                                     07976 605 130

Bryan Robb                Fieldsman for Clackmannanshire                                  07818 000 877

Robert Paterson        Fieldsman for Dunblane                                               07761 931 008

Ian Douglas               Fieldsman for Lothian Lamb                                       07885 367 151