Market Reports

Friday 7th December 2018


The cattle trade is going through some serious turbulence at the moment and all the processors are log jammed full of beef. Freezers and chills are full to the brim, with a lot of top end cuts now being diverted to processing. What is compounding the problem is that the word on the street is that a lot of meat has been stockpiled for March in case of a hard Brexit, so there is hardly any long term freezer space available nationally to help ride out the storm. English beasts are in the 340’s p/kg.

Cows 245-250p in the last week, with further cuts on the cards. If you can hold onto cows into the new year, put a bit of fettle onto them, than that’s probably the best advice we can give at the moment. We are moving cows as required, with plain types in most demand. Please speak to your fieldsman if you have any available.

Rose-Veal bulls needed, under 12 months. Please phone David in the office to discuss the scheme requirements.


The sheep trade is highly volatile and has run and run all week, giving everyone a real boost of Christmas cheer. Lamb numbers are back again in the South. There is a real buzz of phones ringing in the office and lets hope it can be sustained through the festive period. Lambs 390-395p/kg with a few at 400p. We have big orders for next week and the price will be most definitely up again. Where it is going to stop is anyone’s guess but comparing with this week last year we are over 20p/kg ahead.

We still have some space for lights for next week, with base sitting at 385p. Please phone the office or your fieldsman for more details or weight require


Some abattoirs are on belly clipping others are not, please keep in touch with your fieldsman. Please make sure they arrive with clean tails, this helps keep meat hygiene levels high. Many thanks for everyone’s cooperation.

FSS Co-op Averages Av wt kg Gold Green Black Red Blue
Standard NSL 18.46kg 23.8% 36.4% 34.4% 4.3% 1.1%


Organic cattle to 410p in the last 7 days, with up to a four week waiting list. Organic lamb numbers have become very difficult to find. Organics to 430p in the last 7 days. More needed asap.