Farm Stock’s vision of the future is to create a major force in the marketplace capable of representing the interests of producers of all classes of sheep and cattle. In terms of deadweight marketing this can only be achieved through a position of strength arising from sufficient volume to negotiate with abattoirs and ultimately retail outlets. A countrywide network of both buyers and sellers ensures access to a wide variety of store and breeding stock outlets at minimum marketing costs.

The Farm Stock philosophy of creating strength and adding value through co-operation hinges on support from as many livestock producers as possible but recognises that this can only be achieved by a strong, competitive and attractive commercial package. The current producer package includes:

  • Full Fieldsman Services from a highly experienced team who are kept up to date on prices and demand on a daily basis and who are able to advise on the best outlet for different classes of stock on the day they are marketed.
  • Fieldsmen will draw stock where required and provide advice on finishing stock to meet market demand.
  • Access to a wide range of UK abattoirs for prime, conventional and organic sheep and cattle.
  • Advice on marketing calendars and access to niche markets for specialist classes of livestock.
  • All types of store and breeding stock traded direct from farm to farm.
  • A highly competitive commission rate of 2.125% which compares very favorably with rates of up to 4% charged by other routes to the market. This very low commission rate is made even more competitive by Farm Stock’s capped rates of £1.50 per sheep and £20 per cattle beast which typically result in average commission rates for both sheep and cattle below 2%.
  • Payments by BACS direct into a nominated bank account within 7 days of kill.
  • 100% guaranteed payment for all stock marketed through credit insurance. A charge of £0.15 per lamb and £1.50 per cattle beast is levied for this guarantee.
  • Completely transparent abattoir returns and self-billing sales invoices showing all weights and grades, abattoir deductions, haulage and marketing charges.
  • Farm Stock operates its own colour coded Lamb Grid devised to give producers as much feedback about their grades as possible.
  • Regular single farm reports summarising all weights, returns, grades and outlets benchmarked against Farm Stock averages, providing a complete and comprehensive record of all stock traded and a useful management tool to compare individual farm performance against other producers.