Who we are

Created in 1996 by Scott Country Lamb joining together with Buccleuch Farmers, Farm Stock (Scotland) Ltd has a wealth of experience in livestock marketing. The group was strengthened by Lothian Lamb and Beef joining in 1999, by the addition of Ayrshire Country Lamb and Galloway Lamb in 2005 and  Caledonian Organics in 2009 and completed in 2017, with the addition of Border Counties Primestock and The Milk Suppliers Association creating the largest single co-operative of its type operating within the Scottish livestock industry.

Today the company structure consists of seven of the original eight members, following the dissolution of Buccleuch Farmers and its amalgamation into Galloway Lamb and Scott Country Lamb. Each of the seven member groups owns one share in Farm Stock (Scotland) Ltd and each group is in turn owned by anything between 100 and 250 individual farmers. The five groups retain their own local identity whilst gaining the economies of scale resulting from the co-operation of over 1000 farmers in terms of marketing prime stock on a deadweight basis. Store and breeding stock are also traded as an additional service to producers.

Based in the border town of Selkirk, the business is run by a small team of full time professional staff supported throughout the country by a team of experienced fieldsman who together are capable of providing the best possible sheep and cattle marketing and logistical service to livestock farmers.

Since it began trading in 1996, Farm Stock has handled over 2 million lambs and around 80,000 cattle. The core business is prime stock sold on a deadweight basis to a UK wide network of abattoirs and specialist niche markets, but increasing numbers of store and breeding stock are also being traded as producers take advantage of Farm Stock’s low cost marketing.

Whilst the immediate objective of Farm Stock is to maximise returns to individual producers through economies of scale, negotiation power through volume and by matching stock with abattoir demand, the long term vision is to build a strong and substantial farmer owned business that is recognised as a major force in the marketplace providing farmers with increased producer power, secure and financially safe access to the market and better average net prices than other available routes.

As a co-operative intent on building a business with the strength and economies of scale to represent the interests of livestock farmers, Farm Stock welcomes new producers at any time. If you are interested in joining Scotland’s largest deadweight marketing co-op and gaining access to the full package of Farm Stock’s benefits and competitive terms click here.